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Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005

UKAS Accredited Company Registered in England & Wales No. 527550


Acoustic Testing Consultancy Services
Approved Document E of the Building Regulations (England & Wales) stipulates sound insulation (acoustic testing) criteria for both new builds and building conversions. The regulations state that separating walls, floors and staircases (with a separating purpose), must meet both airborne (speech, television sound, etc.) and impact (foot step noise, etc from floors) sound insulation standards.

Air Pressure Testing carry out consultancy works to advise our clients on the different construction methods that can be used to comply with Sound Insulation requirements for:

• Houses and flats to comply with Part E of the Building Regulations
• Houses & Flats to comply with Eco Homes.
• Classrooms within schools to comply with BB93.

Acoustic Testing Services Acoustic Testing Services Acoustic Testing Services

Acoustic Testing Complaince
Part E Standards is through field measurements completed by a third party specialist contratcor such as Air Pressure Testing, who offer UKAS accreditation for field testing of Airborne and Impact Sound Insulation. Air Pressure Testing are a UKAS accredited company with extensive experience in acoustic testing, air leakage testing, room integrity testing and thermographic surveys.

The minimum Part E requirement is for 10% of flats, dwellings or rooms from any one development to be tested. This number may increase if construction types vary significantly across the development, or if early final tests fail to prove compliance.

Air Pressure Testing Consultancy Services
Air pressure Testing Limited offers consultancy services for aspects of environmental acoustic/sound disciplines and specialise's in noise and vibration.Our aim is to provide a high level of technical expertise, using our extensive knowledge of construction combined with extensive experience of noise and vibration projects, which enables us to meet the needs of our clients.

One of our key strengths is our flexibility. As a small company we are able to make decisions quickly and effectively and respond rapidly to our Clients’ requirements and requests. Our test engineers specialise in working out of hours to ensure your last minute sound testing is catered for, we can tackle even the largest projects and can provide expert advice on practically all environmental issues.

Another of our key strengths is to combine the proven technical expertise using our experience of a large company with the lower costs and overheads of a small company. This ensures our clients the best possible service at a cost-effective price, which in the current economical climate is essential

Air Pressure Testing Limited has provided advice and solutions to many clients on projects ranging from one off (dwellings) projects up to very large multiple projects.

Sound Testing - Further Information
For further information on Acoustic Testing please visit the 'acoustic testing page'.

Air Pressure Testing is a UK based company which prides itself on being Proactive and working with our clients to achieve successful air test results.

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